Wisecounter Sweden

Accounting, company formation and business consulting services for businesses operating in Sweden

About us

Wisecounter has been providing accounting, payroll, business and legal consulting services to enterprises internationally more than 16 years. Since 2017, we have also been operating in Sweden.

Wisecounter Sweden focuses on offering accounting and business advising services to Swedish entrepreneurs. Our clients are mostly Estonian firms with subsidiaries or affiliates in Sweden, or companies who provide services in Sweden through an Estonian company.

Because we operate in Estonia, Finland, and Latvia in addition to Sweden, we can provide all of our services separately in each market as well as in combination in two or more markets. In this way, our customers can be confident that their accounting affairs are in order in all countries where they operate, and their tax concerns are handled lawfully and in the best interests of their company.

If you are interested or have any questions, you are invited to come in for a consultation.

Our services in Sweden

We take care of your company's accounting, payroll and tax accounting issues, we help you obtain the permits and registrations necessary for operation, we support you with establishing a company, and assist in resolving disputes if necessary.

Wisecounter's services include:

Team Wisecounter Sweden

Wisecounter's Swedish accountants and consultants are deeply familiar with Swedish accounting and tax regulations, as well as the rules and regulatory framework that govern Swedish corporate activities.

Although Swedes speak excellent English, we have found that being able to communicate in Swedish can often be a significant benefit, particularly when dealing with authorities, where English is not commonly used for communication. Operating locally in Sweden and knowing the business culture allows us to provide our customers with the finest accounting service and appropriate business and tax advice.

Wisecounter's offices are located not only in Sweden, but also in Estonia, Finland, and Latvia, allowing us to provide integrated services to our clients and assure compliance with accounting and business documentation standards in all jurisdictions where they operate.


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