Tax accounting and consulting

For everyone operating in Sweden it is important to comprehend the country's tax structure. Sweden is known as the welfare state because of its tax system, which is designed to strike a compromise between justice and progressivity and the need for money to pay for public services.  However, the tax structure is extremely complicated and hard to comprehend. We provide professional assistance in navigating the intricacies of Swedish tax laws. We offer support in a number of areas related to planning, optimisation, and tax compliance.

Why choose us?

  • Our skilled tax specialists have extensive expertise in the nuances of the Swedish tax system. We are well-versed in the Swedish tax system, which includes corporate income tax, VAT (moms), and social security payments. We help with VAT registration and management of Value Added Tax (VAT) compliance, including timely and accurate reporting. It is crucial to note that capital gains are taxed in Sweden. The capital gains tax rate is normally lower than the income tax rate, and it is frequently examined and adjusted. Furthermore, Sweden has a progressive income tax system, which means that those with higher salaries pay a greater percentage of their income in taxes. Contributions to social security are included in the overall tax burden. They contribute to the Swedish social security system, which offers benefits like as healthcare, pensions, unemployment insurance, maternity leave, and disability insurance. Employers and employees both contribute to social security.

  • Our tax consultants can guide you through cross-border transactions, transfer pricing, and other complexities of the international tax landscape. As we operate next to Sweden also in Estonia, Finland and Latvia we can offer to our clients integrated approach seasoned with in-depth practical knowledge.

  • Our careful attention to detail guarantees that your company complies with all Swedish tax requirements, providing you peace of mind as well as minimising risk. If you do a business in Sweden, you must submit financial and tax statements to Skatteverket, the Swedish Tax Agency. All financial statements must adhere to Swedish Tax Procedure Act (Skatteförfarandelagen), the Income Tax Act (Inkomstskattelagen), the Value Added Tax Act (Mervärdesskattelagen), and other related statutes.

  • Our consultants specialise in understanding the particular tax issues of diverse industries, delivering personalised solutions that correspond with the problems and possibilities of your company. We work with you to ensure your business prospers in the changing Swedish tax landscape by providing continuous assistance for audits, tax liabilities, and crucial financial choices.

Providing tax consultancy services in Sweden requires a blend of cultural sensitivity, technical know-how, and a dedication to remaining current with changes in the law. Our consultants offer you valuable help in navigating the Swedish tax landscape by attending to these particular factors.

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